How To Use Your Coins

Welcome to Covver Store,

Your free Coins are already waiting for you to spend. 

Important note: in order to use your free Coins - you must create an account / log-in with your work email

Here is how to use your coins:

  • Step 1 (Register and log-in)
    • Make sure you are registered and logged in with your work email 
    • [Click this link to open an account / register] REGISTER
    • Activate your account in the received email
    • [Click this link to log-in] LOGIN
  • Step 2 (Explore
    • Explore the store
    • Add products to your shopping cart
    • Shipping is free
  • Step 3 (Complete checkout)
    • Choose your shipping address (can be home address as well) and go through the steps to place your order
    • The credit will be applied automatically. It will be shown as "Discount"' in your cart
    • Purchasing additional items in excess of your outstanding coin balance is possible. Kindly use a credit card to pay for such a balance in excess of your remaining coin balance. 
  • Step 4 (Enjoy your swag!)
    • Once your order arrives you will be notified 
    • Pick it up and enjoy!